About Company

Hemp From Nature

Prepare a new era of

Global real estate investment market

Hemp From Nature is a real estate management company that recruits global investors and distributes profits(operating profits through purchasing real estate & selling profits) to investors.

Doing our best to protect clients’ valuable investment. Further, committing to support their long-term financial stability.

Organization Chart

HEMP FROM NATURE has simple organization chart.

CEO and teams can communicate directly.

It makes more efficient abilities.

HEMP FROM NATURE will protect clients’ investment assets to the last.

Protect investors’ right and assets by separating company funds and investors’ investment assets clearly.

Corporate name : HEMP FROM NATURE Co.Ltd.   /   Business registration number : 593-88-01246   / Corporate registration number : 110111-6925303 / Tel. +82-02-547-9988       /         Fax. +82-02-512-0056         /       E-mail : hempfromnature@naver.com

Address : 303-ho, 61, Naruteo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul

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